Answers to Important Questions about CNA Career SchoolJumpstarting Your Career as a Travel CNA

A travel CNA position can open up numerous doors of opportunity for those looking to increase their experience, encounter a variety of working positions, or switch career tracks. As a travel CNA, you’ll need to know what the expectations for your position will be, what your options are, and what kind of pay you’ll be likely to earn.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Travel CNA?

As a travel CNA, you’ll be expected to meet care needs for elderly patients, work with temporarily incapacitated patients, and work with those who have chronic illnesses. Duties may include meeting basic living needs, providing household assistance, companionship and comfort, and offering assistance with walking or other functions. The difference between a travel CNA and a stationary CNA is that as a travel CNA, you’ll be expected to work in a variety of settings, from different floors of the same hospital to different medical buildings to patient homes as needed.

Travel CNA’s should possess excellent personal interaction skills as well as the ability to work long hours and deal with the emotional needs of their patients. Because you’ll be working with many terminally or chronically ill patients, you may encounter a wide range of emotional issues that require you to remain calm and collected.

What Are My Options as a Travel CNA?

The term “travel CNA” can refer to either of two types of CNA positions. The option you choose will depend on your flexibility, your ability to adapt to change, and your willingness to travel for your new position.

  • Rotational CNA positions

The first type of travel CNA rotates between hospital floors, different medical buildings, or patient homes. Depending on the needs of your employer, you may work with a different patient each day, with several patients during the course of the day, or in a different building from day to day. Expect to remain active and busy as you move around to new locations based on where you’re needed.

  • Block CNA positions

The second type of travel CNA position enables you to sign up for a thirteen week block in one location. At the end of the thirteen week period, you’ll move on to your next assignment. Block positions allow you to travel widely, choosing positions across the country or around the world. If you find a position that fits you well, you may be given the option to sign on permanently with that medical facility.

What Salary Can I Expect as a Travel CNA?

Your salary as a travel CNA will depend on your position and years of experience. The average salary for a newly certified CNA ranges from $21,000 to $31,000. As you gain experience, you’ll see that salary increase to an average of $55,000 for those with extensive experience in the field.

A position as a travel CNA will give you the opportunity to try a variety of work settings ensuring that your work remains interesting and challenging. If you have excellent people skills, enjoy working with those who need medical assistance, and enjoy seeing new places, then the travel CNA position may be for you.

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